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Karen Belland

Rental Adviser

My Own Beginning

Karen Belland has always had a love for creating wealth through income property, She is a visionary entrepreneur, and a pioneer with a mission to share how simple, lucrative, and rewarding an Airbnb Lifestyle can be. Karen built and continues to build a successful business and income through Airbnb.  Most importantly, she has built a successful business around her family's busy lifestyle.  

From buying her first income property, and becoming a landlord at the age of 18 to owning multiple homes and commercial properties, including two successful Airbnb's, Karen has learned hosting from the ground up.  She started by converting the family's dilapidated old garage in her own backyard in a small city in Canada to a very successful nightly rental property. That single listing performed so well that she was inspired to expand into purchasing a commercial property to renovate and scale her business.
















She found that being an Airbnb Host was much more fulfilling and rewarding than she expected - "the best part is meeting our guests and getting to know more about them; where they are from, their stories, and their cultures". Karen is now an Airbnb SuperHost, and has the coveted status of Airbnb Ambassador, training and assisting other Hosts.

Karen is an expert at seeing the potential in properties with an eye for interior styling and creative design.  Many of her guests have taken design inspiration and ideas from Karen's Airbnb properties back to their own homes. 


Karen has supported others in building their own income properties to help create the lifestyle and life they LOVE.  She has been invited to speak and train for Airbnb as an Ambassador and is now creating her own YouTube to inspire & share her expert knowledge with thousands of people around the world.  


Karen's passion is to inspire and empower women, especially moms to realize their potential by building an entrepreneurial lifestyle through Airbnb.

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